What is Quinoa Flake?

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What Are Quinoa Flakes?

Similar to rolled oats, quinoa flakes are simply mechanically flattened grains of quinoa; while they do cost quite a bit more than oatmeal, they make a convenient breakfast suitable for all types of diets, from vegan to gluten-free. Quinoa flakes provide all the health benefits of whole grain quinoa with a more familiar breakfast texture and a much quicker cooking time.

How to Cook Quinoa Flakes

Unlike whole grain quinoa, quinoa flakes cook in almost no time, just like instant oatmeal. Bring water or milk to a rapid boil, add the quinoa flakes, let the pot sit for a minute or two, stir well, and you’re ready to go. Use a 1:3 ratio of quinoa flakes to water (1 cup of quinoa flakes to 3 cups of water). You can always adjust the water according to your preference for texture; use less for thicker cereal and more for thinner cereal.

Quinoa flakes can also be prepared in a microwave; mix the cereal and liquid in a microwave-safe bowl twice the size of the volume of liquid. Cook on high for about two minutes for one serving and up to six minutes for four servings, or until the cereal thickens to your liking. Stir well before serving.

You can optionally toast them in a dry skillet until they turn fragrant and golden before you add them to the boiling liquid. Use dry quinoa flakes in baked goods, as a gluten-free breading, and anyplace you might use oats.

What Do They Taste Like?

Quinoa flakes have the same mild, slightly nutty flavor of whole grain quinoa, and similarly, they can be just a little bitter. Toasting makes them taste sweeter with a more pronounced nuttiness. The flakes adapt to whatever other ingredients you pair them with, from almond milk and berries in a breakfast bowl to robust spices in a veggie burger.

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