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“Turn your ordinary rice dish into Superfood with RYCE+”

RYCE+ is a healthy and tasty blend of natural and organic superfood ingredient. We have carefully selected the finest Eastern ingredients and healthy Western superfood grains to create different formula of RYCE+ and turn ordinary rice meal to a nutrient-dense superfood. All of our ingredients are planted, cultivated, processed and packed under organic regulation with no chemical and preservatives

Why Rice Plus

  • RICE PLUS is a great addition (as nutritional boost) to a meal in place of regular rice.

  • Excellent source of Fiber and Protein. Higher nutrition than normal rice, rice berry and wholegrain rice.

  • Good Source of Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals

  • 100% Organic (USDA) & Chemical free / Gluten Free / Allergen Free/ Vegan/ Non GMO

  • Improves Heart Health by Lowering Cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Help in “Healthy Weight Control”

  • Easy to cook and eat (soft texture) as you would for normal rice but healthier

  • “Great Heart & Great Health Campaign” wherein a fixed percentage of our sales profit will be given to specific charities in the community.

RYCE + is now available

At Central Food Hall, Tops Supermarket, Villa market and Foodland or buy on‐line at;

  • Online Shopping Click here!