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We appreciate the needs of the foodservice industry and strive to provide easy ordering and timely deliveries of bulk orders. If you are a food processor or have a Bakery, restaurant, catering, cafeteria, commercial kitchen or any type of commercial customer and need our products in bulk, we can supply our products in bulk size as well as a returnable bucket in 1 GL (4 kg), 2.5 GL (10kg) for smaller requirement. For more info or to discuss your bulk requirement, please contact us for your best quote on our bulk product.

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Thanks for your interest in becoming a commercial customer. A few things to know before you get started:

  • Registered as commercial customer with Healthy Choice Asia  Click Here
  • To receive wholesale pricing, the minimum final order value is $450 or BHT 15,000 per order, at wholesale price, excluding VAT and delivery.
  • Orders should be placed online (simply login to your account) or via email through our customer service team.  Email:
  • If you need any guidance on retail products or our range please email:

If you are ready to get started, great! Complete the form Contact US and we will get back to you shortly.