VIA Super grain Blend

//VIA Super grain Blend

VIA Super grain Blend


Super seed blend is our complete blend. We select and mix up several “Super Seeds” to make this blend. The seeds we include are Chia, roasted bi-color quinoa, Amaranth, Kiwicha and roasted buckwheat. This seed blend is great for dough, bread, cookie, cracker, and chip dough — all baked goods actually. Sprinkle this blend into a smoothie or cereal or on top of a salad. All of our ingredients are planted, cultivated, processed and packed under organic regulation with NO CHEMICALS and preservatives

  • Consumer Size:  200g


  • A delicious and healthy blend of five super seed. All natural ingredients, no preservatives and nothing added
  • Provides plenty of Omega-3, antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins, Good source of protein, fiber, iron.

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