Organic Mixed berry rice

//Organic Mixed berry rice

Organic Mixed berry rice

  • Healthy & Tasty blend of premium Thai Jasmine & Semi-milled Rice berry
  • Easy Cooking-Easy To Eat-Soft Texture-Healthy& Tasty

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This is a unique blend of premium Thai organic Jasmine rice and semi-milled Rice Berry. It has a soft texture and fragrant aroma for all healthy dishes. Our mixed berry rice is the solution and smoothest way of getting the packed nutrients in the purple rice berry. It has high antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, and high in fiber and bran oil. This perfect mixed rice provides you a healthy, tasty and easy eating experience.

Semi-milled Rice Berry

Our Semi-milled rice berry is made by a special soft polishing process of the whole grain rice berry to partly remove some of the external bran for easy cooking preparation, healthy digestive system and better nutrition absorbing. It provides you an easy eating experience with free from the rough texture and hard test of unpolished or whole grain rice. It presents a softer texture than the whole grain rice berry and softer enough to cook by itself. The most important feature of the semi-milled rice berry is that it still contains solid health benefits and essential phyto-nutrients from the natural rice berry.

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